Hola! I'm Lorenza Amigo - or Lora - a graphic designer based in Chicago with a love for branding, layout, typography and balance. I work on projects globally, with a wide variety of clients, from micro breweries to mommy-preneurs. I have a BA in Communications, but switched careers and found my true love: Graphic Design. I did the ad agency life for a bit, then took a break to have kids and have been freelancing ever since. 
I was born and raised in Mexico City and came to the USA in 2010 with my husband. What was originally just a temporary stay to further our education (I did my graphic design degree at the Illinois Institute of Art while he pursued his MBA at Kellogg School of Management) became a more permanent decision. We were both offered jobs in the city upon graduating and have made Chicago our home ever since. There's just something about this city that captivated us - maybe it's the mix of cultures, the beer, the people, the lake and the phenomenal food. Definitely not the cold. 
When I'm not hustling between design and child rearing, you can find me knitting or obsessively editing pictures to upload on Instagram - I guess you can call them hobbies, I like to call them therapy. 
Thanks for looking at my work and have a beautiful day :)

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